BioActive Cocopeat is a recycled organic product originating from pure cocopeat. Cocopeat comes from the husk of the coconut and is widely used around the world as a superior high quality growing media due to its unique aeration and water-holding qualities.

BioActive Cocopeat is different, it has been activated via root growth, worm juice and nutrients and then composted to produce the best growing media for WA gardeners. The BioActivation process takes place on farm and uses pure cocopeat that is mixed with nutrients and worm juice and used to produce crops.

Once the produce is harvested the cocopeat is then reactivate by adding additional worm juice and nutrients and then composted and bagged. Bagged BioActive peat is easily applied to garden beds or pots/containers and will surprise you with the fantastic results.

The peat is composted to remove plant material, to kill any harmful microbes and to rejuvenate beneficial ones. The BioActive Cocopeat is pH and nutrient balanced for optimum plant growth.

The composting process follows the guidelines set out by Compost Australia. BioActive Cocopeat is 100% composted Cocopeat free from weeds, pests and diseases.

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