Benefits of BioActive Cocopeat as a Soil Conditioner

BioActive Cocopeat has found widespread usage as soil substitute for growing organic plants. It has several special characteristics due to which it is favoured over other soil alternatives as a plant growing medium.

BioActive Cocopeat is a 100% organic substance, which is not only eco-friendly, but also has high water retention qualities and good aeration, thus making it suitable for plant growth. The ability of cocopeat to hold large quantities of water helps it in sustaining root development by releasing nutrients to the plant as and when needed. Being porous, it also retains fertilizers essential for good plant growth and allows the plant to absorb it whenever necessary.

BioActive Cocopeat is also an excellent soil conditioner. Commercial pot plant growers mix cocopeat in their potting mixes to act as a soil conditioner. As little as 10% of cocopeat in a soil mixture gives a better yield than ordinary soil. As a plant growing medium, cocopeat has provided potting mix producers with an opportunity of selling better soil for plant growth. Being environment friendly, it provides an added advantage over other plant growing media.

Using BioActive Cocopeat as a soil conditioner in nurseries produces seedlings, which have more fibrous roots and result in better quality plants once they grow completely. Cocopeat has an unmatchable combination of high water retention capacity and high porosity, both of which are good for extraordinary germination rates in seeds. Moreover, it has a slow degradation rate, which allows it to be used as a soil conditioner for a period of up to 5 years depending on the kinds of crops that are grown.

As any plant grower knows, the ideal pH level for growing the best plants is 5.5 to 7. BioActive Cocopeat, when used as a soil conditioner, helps in maintaining that pH level for good plant growth.

Cocopeat is rapidly replacing traditional soil conditioners due to its rich plant growth sustenance qualities.

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