Coco Coir – An Organic Soil Amendment for better plant growth

Soil quality plays an important role in gardening. The right soil nurtures plants to make them grow better and thicker. Be it your home garden, your lawn, terrace garden or even a nursery, good soil is a must for planting. Certain soils are unsuitable for planting since they have more salinity or do not hold water well. In such cases, additives are used as a means of soil amendment.

BioActive Cocopeat is universally acknowledged to be the best substance for soil amendment. It conditions the soil, improves its structure, and is an excellent substrate. The ideal soil for gardening is one which is friable and deep. It drains well and has a high level of organic content. When gardening soil is fertile and has good levels of nutrients – both micro and macro, it solves several gardening problems. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain good soil for better plants.

Coco coir obtained from coconut husks is used for soil amendment since it revitalizes plants by improving the soil. The reasons why coco coir is so popular are:

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