Garden soil preparation – peat moss OR Cocopeat

What a garden looks like or what it produces is ultimately the result of the kind of soil used in the garden. A rich and fertile garden soil acts as a good base for germination and produces better and healthier crops. On the other hand, an improper soil leads to poor growth. Therefore, the garden soil needs to be modified to support plant growth.

The ideal garden soil should be able to hold just enough water as necessary for the plant and drain the rest out. The soil texture should be crumbly to let the roots go through the soil and reach deeper. The soil should have enough organic nutrition to sustain plant health and be free of critters that cause plant damage.

Using coco peat for garden soil preparation is a preferred method for most gardeners. It is an organic product derived from coconut husk and is used extensively in agriculture. It is also known as coco pith or coco coir. Coco peat, when used for garden soil preparation, changes soil structure, aerates it, and adds nutrition and water to convert it into the ideal garden soil.

Though some gardeners also use peat moss for garden soil preparation, coco peat is slowly gaining popularity as the preferred option for it’s considered to be an even better choice as compared to peat moss. Here are some factors that score in favour of coco peat:

  • It’s prepared from a renewable resource – coconut husk fibre
  • It lasts 3 times longer when compared to peat moss
  • It has superior nutrient storage quality
  • It has disease resistance qualities
  • It has excellent water retention quality as it’s capable of holding 8-9 times its weight in water
  • It has outstanding air porosity
  • It controls top soil erosion
  • It’s pH range of 5.2-6.8 provides the ideal condition for plant growth
  • It’s organic and biodegradable, and acts as an excellent plant growth medium

BioActive Cocopeat can be used on golf courses and in bedding and greenhouse plant production. You can even use it for landscaping purposes. No wonder that it has become the top choice for many gardeners who use it extensively for their garden soil preparation.

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