How Coir Products Help To Improve Soil Quality

With the growing global concern of using natural materials to deal with various environmental issues, coir products have found many takers. If you too have been considering the usage of such products, BioActive Cocopeat can come to your aid by helping you choose the right ones for your soil. However, before you buy coir products, it would help to know a few things about them so that you can choose the products that best fit your requirements.

To begin with, coir or coconut fiber products like coir dust can be used as soil conditioner and organic compost. Since coir is biodegradable and eco-friendly, it traps the topmost layer of the soil, thus ensuring that the nutrients present therein are kept intact. This in turn improves the soil quality and promotes vegetation growth.

In case you want to grow seedlings of other plants or cuttings of orchids, you can use coir dust in combination with other natural materials to act as binders. Since coir has the ability to hold soil, it finds preference with people who need to control steep and road slopes erosion or want to protect their soil against flood or overflow of rivers, in case their fields are under such threats. In other words, coir products like coir husk and coir fiber not only help in soil erosion control, but also play a major role in soil productivity conservation by preserving the topmost soil layer. Since this layer provides plants with most of their required nutrients, preservation of it is very important if you want to improve your soil quality to ensure a healthy crop.

By acting as erosion control material, coir products ensure that the soil is well stabilized before you start work on growing the plants. In other words, the durability factor of your soil gets enhanced by using coir products. Thus, you will no longer need to worry about your soil protection until the establishment of mature vegetation.

Expandable coir blocks are yet another innovative idea that people can use, irrespective of whether they want to grow plants indoors or outdoors. Such block use organic coir mixes that can expand as you add water to it. These coir blocks will also perk up your plants growth and increase the water retention of your garden or containers by enabling them to hold more water around the plants for a longer period of time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with BioActive Cocopeat to know more about the various coir products that you can use to improve your soil quality.

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