How to improve soil quality using Coco peat

Coco peat is a plant growing medium and organic soil fertilizer used worldwide for nurturing plant growth. The coco peat or coir pith is obtained from the husks of coconuts. The husks contain a granular substance, which is extracted, cleaned and then dried before being graded and packed for use.

Coco peat is also used in hydroponic gardens as growing medium for seed germination. When used to improve soil quality, it is either mixed with soil in a 1:2 ratio or spread over the soil as a covering.

Coco peat is can be used to improve soil quality because it has the following qualities:

  • It supports root development since it has naturally occurring hormones that promote root growth.
  • It retains water and is hydrophilic, which means that once the water dries out, it rewets itself easily. Since it retains water, any plantation done using coco peat gets adequate watering and does not need to be watered frequently.
  • It is a good soil conditioner since it sustains nutrients needed by the plants and releases them slowly.
  • It provides aeration to the soil and helps to improve soil quality by giving it the crumbly texture, which is ideal for plant growth.
  • Coco peat is used to improve soil quality because of its fungi and bacteria resistant properties. It also keeps away snails, crickets and critters, which pose a threat to plant health.
  • Coco peat has a natural acidic level, which makes the soil acidic and more conducive to plant growth.
  • It is re-useable for up to 3 crop cycles or for 5 years as a garden fertilizer.
  • The top layer of soil contains maximum nutrients but is easily eroded leading to poor plant growth. Using coco peat to improve soil binds the peat fibres with the soil and prevents top soil erosion.
  • Considering the various ways in which using BioActive Cocopeat benefits the soil, it is no wonder that this organic soil fertilizer, which is also used for soil amendment, is the preferred choice of many gardeners and agriculturalists who are looking to improve soil quality.

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