Type of Organic Compost That You Will Need for Your Garden

Composting is the basic groundwork for any organic garden. Organic compost can be made easily at home using kitchen waste. Adding natural compost to your garden soil not only improves the soil structure but also adds many essential plant nutrients to the soil. Compost is a nutrient storehouse having micro and macro nutrients necessary for good plant growth.

When composting, it is always a good idea to add BioActive Cocopeat to organic compost in order to improve its quality. Adding coco peat provides many benefits to the compost.

Given below are the reasons why the best organic composts are those which contain coco peat:

  • The coco peat fibres present in the compost balance out the thick compost material, which blocks air supply to the soil. The fibres reform the soil structure to make soil aeration easy, which in turn make the soil hold more water. Making the soil light, airy and wet means that the plants can absorb more nutrients from the soil and grow better.
  • Coco peat in organic compost forms a layer on the topsoil, which prevents the nutrients from leaching out. Also, the acidity of BioActive Cocopeat helps in saving nitrogen resources needed for gardening. Adding coco peat to your organic compost mixture causes the volume to increase and the compost can be used for a larger land area.
  • Since coco peat disintegrates slowly, it affects the disintegration rate of compost too. The compost life is extended by five times on addition of coco peat.
  • Being resistant to bacteria and fungus, coco peat keeps weed spores and fungal spores away from the compost heap.

Since coco peat is organic by nature, it causes no harmful chemical effects to organic compost. Adding BioActive Cocopeat to compost provides several benefits and is the best type of organic compost that you will need for your garden.

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