5 Major Benefits of using Coco Peat As Growing Medium for Plants

Cocopeat, also known as coir pith, is obtained from processed coconut husks. The coconut fibre is extracted from within the husk and the remaining material is treated to be used as a growing medium for plants. The coir is cleaned, treated with heat and sun dried before being selectively graded. It is then made into Cocopeat products having varying density and granularity to be used in agricultural, horticultural or industrial applications.

In horticulture, BioActive Cocopeat is an inert growing medium for plants and is undoubtedly one of the best among other mediums that are available. It is an excellent alternative to using soil and is ideal for growing all sorts of plants. The 5 major benefits of using cocopeat as a growing medium for plants are:

  1. BioActive Cocopeat has a high water absorption capacity. One kilogram of cocopeat expands to almost 15 kilograms when fully soaked. The high water retention level means that the nutrient needed for growing plants can be easily suspended as ions within the material. Therefore, it is conducive to growing good quality plants.
  2. Since cocopeat can hold large quantities of water, it requires less maintenance and is easier to use than other growing medium for plants. It also helps in conserving water.
  3. The production of this growing medium for plants and its usage is totally environment friendly. It does not harm the ecological balance and neither leaves any harmful waste or residue from usage. It is easily sustainable and a single batch of cocopeat can be reused for rich plant growth for up to 5 years. Being organic, it poses no harmful disposal problems either.
  4. Cocopeat is anti-fungal in nature, which means it naturally wards off several plant diseases caused by fungal growth.
  5. Using cocopeat as a growing medium for plants reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides leading to a healthier crop.

No wonder why cocopeat is emerging as the preferred choice among many gardeners.

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