Benefits of Compost fertilizer for your lawn and Garden

Compost is the organic alternative to chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers harm plants and at times, hamper root growth too. Chemical fertilizers also run the risk of burning the plants with chemicals. Additionally, chemical fertilizers leave a residue of arsenic, cadmium and lead, which builds up on the soil and become lethal in the long run. For a fertilizer that provides all the benefits without the side effects, it is best to go for compost. Compost is made of organic waste fermented to provide additional nutrition to soil. You can buy compost fertilizer in shops or make them on your own by using organic waste from your kitchen.

Advantages of using compost

  • Compost is an all-natural fertilizer, which leaves no harmful residue.
  • Compost fertilizer consists of soil creatures such as crickets, earthworms and dirt insects, which cause soil nitrogenation and loosen the earth to enable the roots to grow deeper.
  • The fungi in compost fertilizer form a symbiotic relationship with the plants and enable them to obtain more nutrition from the soil.
  • Using compost fertilizer strengthens the resistance of plants against diseases and decay.
  • Using a natural fertilizer improves the flavour of vegetables grown in the soil. Even flowering plants and lawns have better colour when nourished with compost.
  • Compost retains moisture of the soil and prevents lawns and gardens from drying out.
  • It lowers irrigation costs since moisture is retained naturally.
  • Natural fertilizer reduces water pollution resulting from drainage or run off water from lawns and gardens.
  • Kitchen waste is disposed off in a productive manner through recycling.
  • It is cheaper than using chemical fertilizers.

Gardeners who use compost fertilizer to nourish the soil find that it gives better results than chemical fertilizers. Compost also has several environmental benefits, as it prevents pollution by reducing methane accumulation in the atmosphere. So, use compost fertilizer as a better and an environmental-friendly option for growing healthy plants.

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