Best Growing Medium for organic vegetable gardening

Organic vegetable gardening focuses on soil improvement through the usage of organic material to allow the growth of quality vegetables.  It even relies on organic control methods to manage problems caused by insects and plant diseases. The growing medium for organic vegetable gardening is any medium on which the plant grows. Having organic growing mediums is eco-friendly and promotes sustainable and cost effective gardening practices.

The growing medium for organic vegetable gardening can be many. Garden soil, commercial soil and sand are some of the most commonly used growing mediums in most organic gardens. The soil chosen for organic vegetable gardening should be free of any chemical influences and have a pH between 5.5 and 7. However, in recent times, hydroponic vegetable gardening has been found to be the best in terms of eco-friendliness. Hydroponic gardens do not use soil to grow plants. Instead, they use other organic material to anchor the plants and sustain them. Clay pellets, vermiculite, Rockwool and Heydite are some of the commonly used growing mediums in Hydroponic gardens. But, the best of all these growing mediums is BioActive Cocopeat.

What is BioActive Cocopeat?

BioActive Cocopeat is a natural growing medium obtained from the husks of coconuts. To get cocopeat, the coconut fibre is extracted from the husk. The remaining elements form cocopeat. Before using BioActive Cocopeat, the product is first thoroughly sun dried.

The advantages of using cocopeat as a growing medium are:

  • The cleaned and dried coir has naturally present rooting hormones.
  • It also has anti-fungal properties, which ward off several plant diseases.
  • It provides good aeration for the plants and can hold reasonable quantities of water for proper plant growth.
  • It is 100% natural, which makes it an ideal organic growing medium.

As an alternative to soil, it is an excellent growing medium and is fast proving to be one of the most popular organic hydroponic growing mediums of the world.

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