BioActive Cocopeat – How it provide Best Plant Growing Media

Traditional soil gardening methods are slowly becoming obsolete as more and more people are turning towards hydroponic gardening as an alternative. Hydroponics is a gardening method where no soil is used to grow the plants. Instead, plants are grown in an inert plant growing media, which provides mineral nutrients.

Under normal gardening methods, the soil acts as a reservoir for minerals and nutrients needed for plant growth. However, researchers have found that these mineral nutrients are suspended as inorganic ions in the water absorbed by plants. Therefore, they can grow even in inert plant growing media as long as the minerals are supplied in the water. Using hydroponics, almost all terrestrial plants can be grown successfully.

BioActive Cocopeat is the best inactive plant growing media used by avid hydroponic gardeners around the world. It is a multipurpose medium, which allows for better opportunities in areas such as

  • Seedling nurseries
  • Golf green constructors
  • Gardening product distributors
  • Potting mix suppliers
  • Hydroponic gardeners

How is BioActive Cocopeat better?

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