Choosing Right Organic Fertilizer to Give Plants a Natural Boost

Both gardeners who tend to their plants as a hobby as well as commercial crop growers look for ways to give their plants a natural boost. In other words, these people look ways to produce healthier plants, which would include:

  • root systems that are deeper and stronger
  • greener foliage
  • more abundant fruits and flowers
  • plants that are more resistant to diseases and can tolerate temperature fluctuations

With the stress these days being on using environment friendly products, most people opt for organic fertilizers to ensure healthy plants. However, to choose the right organic fertilizer, certain points need to be kept in mind.

To begin with, the organic fertilizers that you have chosen should decrease your labour and be easy to apply. If your organic fertilizer needs you to haul and spread loads of new dirt, till the land every now and then, and water it often, it won’t be of much use.

Secondly, your organic fertilizer should be ecologically sound. In other words, it should build the present soil and increase its fertility, without having to bring in loads of new compost and soil.

Thirdly, it should offer you a complete solution that doesn’t require any other additive. However, should you choose to use other soil improvement products, like gypsum, compost, soil sulfur, organic matter, lime, etc, it should complement them and not cause any problem. In other words, your chosen organic fertilizer should maximize the benefits from other fertilizers and amendments in case you want to use them.

Lastly, your selected organic fertilizer should offer you great value for money. In other words, apart from enhancing your soil condition, it should bring added benefits your way like preventing the plants against diseases caused by bacteria, and fungi; keeping them protected against insects and weeds etc. By choosing an organic fertilizer like BioActive Cocopeat, which is a renewable resource, you can even make your investment count more.

So, keep all these factors in mind while deciding upon which organic fertilizer to buy.

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