Coco Coir as Soil Additive for Healthy Growth of your Plants

BioActive Cocopeat is the by-product of coconut shell husks. The granular substance found between the husk fibres is extracted, cleaned, dried and then pressed into shapes for use as a soil additive. The finished product is available in varying densities and with different granular compositions. According to gradation, it is either used as a soil additive or as an industrial absorbent. This product is also known as coir pith or simply  coco coir. It is extensively used in the agricultural and horticultural industries as a means of conditioning the soil.

Coco coir has some unique properties, which makes it conducive for botanical use. As a soil additive, it works because:

  • Some varieties of coco coir used as a botanical soil conditioner contain macro and micro nutrients for plants. They also have good quantities of potassium present in the fibres. When used as soil additives, these nutrients improve the plant health.
  • It contains a substance called trichoderma, which protects plants from pythium, a kind of pathogenic fungi. However, trichoderma is present only in unsterilized cocopeat.
  • BioActive Cocopeat can hold large volumes of water and when used as a soil additive, it gives plants good aeration resulting in excellent plant rooting. Moreover, the fact that it can hold water means that additional nutrients can be added to the potting mixture without worrying about drainage.
  • It is favoured over other additives since it is not only free from bacterial growth and fungal spores, but can be produced or discarded without causing environmental damage as well.
  • The acidity of coco coir lies between 5.5 and 6.5, which makes it a good soil additive for the growth of many common plants.
  • It is high in cellulose as well as lignin.
  • It is reusable for up to 4 or 5 times. However, coco coir from diseased vegetation should be discarded.

Even as little as 10% of coco coir added as a soil additive improves the quality of the soil and helps in growing healthier plants. So, if you haven’t yet tried it, it’s time to use BioActive Cocopeat to enjoy the various benefits that it brings your way.

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