Using coconut fibre as a growing medium for your Lawn and Garden

There are a number of options when it comes to choosing the best growing medium for your lawn or garden. Manmade as well as organic growing media are available in plenty. Most gardeners, though, prefer using organic growing media to manmade ones. Using a good growing medium is very necessary since without a good bed, plants will not grow well. For a garden, it is necessary to have seeds well germinated with strong roots, which can draw maximum water and nutrition through the soil. For a lawn, having a good seedbed encourages the grass to grow thick and dense as a carpet.

Of all organic growing media, coconut fibre is known to be the best. Coconut fibre or coco peat is a natural by-product obtained from coconut husks. BioActive Cocopeat is considered a good growing media due to several reasons:

  • It can hold a large amount of water without the addition of chemical wetters.
  • It neutralizes the pH balance of the soil making it ideal for crop growth.
  • It supports a lot of nutrients necessary for good plant health. The nutrients are present in the water absorbed by the BioActive Cocopeat and released to the plants as and when needed.
  • It lasts for up to 5 years before it breaks down and has to be replaced.
  • It has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties; therefore, it naturally resists Phtothora and Pithium.
  • It provides good soil aeration and loosens up the land, thus letting the roots go deeper into the soil.
  • It is rich in cellulose and lignin, thus supporting the growth of plants which need cellulose to flourish such as mushrooms.
  • Being totally organic, it is environmental-friendly and maintains the ecological balance.

As a growing medium, BioActive Cocopeat boosts the overall health of the plants and makes sure that your garden and lawn has well prepared seeds for better plant growth.

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