BioActive Cocopeat

BioActive Cocopeat is 100% composted, brimming with beneficial microbes and fertiliser, hydrated and ready to use.

  • No fertiliser required for the first 3 months
  • Contains beneficial microbes – essential for healthy plant growth
  • Perfect for all gardening needs (potting mix, garden mix, soil conditioner & lawn underlay)

Use 50 percent less water and fertiliser on your garden

Water and nutrients are a precious resource. Their overuse not only hits your back pocket but threatens the environment. Our dams are less than 24% full, groundwater aquifers are depleting rapidly and our waterways are becoming polluted with nutrients from our gardens. There must be a better way! 

The answer lies in what we put into our soil and how we grow our plants. Perth’s sandy soils need organic matter to hold water and nutrients for healthy plant growth. However, not all sources of organic matter are the same. You need one that holds heaps of water and nutrients, has plenty of beneficial microbes for plant health and stays in the soil for a number of years. Many types of compost break down quickly with the effects only lasting for months. They can also clog the soil and reduce oxygen supply to the roots, an essential for plant growth.

As a way to reduce our dependence on water on fertilizers, BioActive Cocopeat ticks all the right boxes:

  • Perfect for all gardening needs (potting mix, garden mix, soil conditioner & lawn underlay)
  • Needs no fertilizers
  • Has long-lasting effects
  • Is environmentally safe
  • Comes from a renewable resource
  • Needs 50% less watering
  • Is pH balanced

Your vegies, lawn and plants will never look healthier. Neither will your bank balance from the savings you make on water bills and fertilisers.

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