BioActive Coco peat – An organic soil improver

BioActive Cocopeat is a coconut husk derivative known to be one of the best organic soil amenders and fertilizers. This one product performs several soil improving functions and is a cost efficient solution for cultivation purposes.

Soil meant for growing crops or for gardening works best if it is crumbly, moist and has sufficient macro and micro nutrients in it. For proper growth of any sort of plant, the soil should drain well too. Since it is difficult to get this ideal soil naturally, BioActive Cocopeat is used as an organic soil improver to make the soil fertile for cultivation.

Ways in which coco peat acts as an organic soil improver

  • Infusing air, mainly nitrogen, into the soil to make it crumbly enough for plants to take root.
  • It retains water and the subsequent nutrients, thus leading to better plant growth.
  • It also helps in draining water that’s not needed.
  • Coco peat works as an organic soil improver by holding onto the top layer of the soil, thus preventing it from eroding and saving the naturally present nutrients in the soil.
  • It provides a good seeding bed so that germination is better, which eventually results in strong and healthy plants.
  • It modifies soil pH level to make it acidic to suit plant development.
  • It resists pathogenic fungi and several species of critters that are harmful to plants.
  • As an organic soil improver, it also lasts longer than average organic fertilizers. While normal fertilizers usually need to be reapplied every year, coco peat lasts for 4 to 5 years. It is also completely biodegradable and therefore leaves no harmful residue once it disintegrates.

BioActive Cocopeat is the organic soil improver of choice for agriculturalists and gardeners all over the world. Its benefits are unmatched and as an organic soil improver, it enjoys unbeatable reputation.

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