Choosing a Best Soil Amendment for Your Lawn

To improve the physical properties of your soil, you can use soil amendments. By mixing soil amendments, a better environment is provided for the roots, as such materials improve various soil properties including its structure, permeability, water retention, drainage, water infiltration, and aeration.

Soil amendments come in two broad categories, namely inorganic and organic. While inorganic amendments are either man-made or mined, organic amendments are derived from living things. In case you can’t decide about the type of soil amendment to pick, opting for the organic version would be a wise choice. Though there are many organic soil amendments like wood chips, sphagnum peat, straw, grass clippings, manure, compost, biosolids, wood ash and sawdust, an item which has taken gardeners and crop growers by the storm is coco peat.

While choosing soil amendments, four factors need to be kept in mind, which are:

  • how the amendment will influence the soil texture
  • its longevity
  • how it affects soil salinity and if plants sensitive to salts can grow with it
  • its pH and salt content

BioActive Cocopeat scores highly on all counts, thus making it the best soil amendment for your soil. To begin with, it improves the soil texture by holding onto the top soil, allowing for better water absorption and retention, and warding off diseases caused by fungi and bacteria. If you are wondering how long such amendment will last, breathe easy as you can reuse a lone batch of BioActive Cocopeat for up to 5 years. It also maintains the pH level of soil at the ideal mark that’s conducive to quality plant growth, and doesn’t have any recorded data to show any problems with the growth of plants that are sensitive to salts.

So, if you are looking for the best soil amendment for your lawn, which offers value for money, and also helps the green cause, nothing will serve your purpose better than BioActive Cocopeat.

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