Improving soil fertility: How to improve garden soil fertility

Soil fertility is the most crucial factor, which determines the outcome of a garden. Good soil will results in healthy plants bearing lots of flowers or fruits whereas the wrong kind of soil will result in droopy plants with sparse leaves and having little or no flowers.

What is the best soil for gardening?

The ideal kind of soil for a garden should be well drained, friable and have enough organic content to sustain plant life. Having a good soil not only benefits the plants, but also provides the gardeners with a few advantages since good soil eliminates a lot of trouble that may arise while gardening. The maintenance level for the garden goes down automatically and the plants grow up to be strong, healthy and have a full bloom. Thus, improving soil fertility is a necessity when trying to grow a garden

How can soil be improved?

To improve garden soil fertility, one of the best organic substances you can use is BioActive Cocopeat. Coco peat restructures soil to make it ideal for garden cultivation. It can either be mixed with potting soil or spread over garden soil for enhancing plant growth.

The functions of coco peat in improving soil for a good garden are:

  • Retaining water and nutrients to supply to plants whenever necessary.
  • Ward off insects, bacteria and fungi due to the naturally present anti-fungal qualities of BioActive Cocopeat.
  • Aerate soil and make it loose enough for roots to take hold.
  • Provide protection to the top soil, which has the maximum nutrients, and prevent it from eroding.

Use of coco peat in improving soil fertility has proved to have very good results. Gardeners all over the world use coco peat to improve garden soil fertility. Use BioActive Cocopeat in a 1:2 ratio for the best results in improving soil and let your garden reap the benefits.

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