Soil Improver – Use of Coco Peat to Improve Organic Gardening

BioActive Cocopeat serves as an excellent plant growing medium for hydroponic gardening as well as organic gardening.  It is a natural soil improver, which enhances the quality of soil and if necessary, changes soil structure to make it favourable for abundant plant growth. Cocopeat is obtained from the husk of coconut shells once all the coconut has been extracted. The product known as coir pith is pressed into cakes or sold in bundles. Cocopeat is the commercial name for coir pith. It is a 100% biodegradable product and thus favoured in organic gardening.

Coir pith is used in organic gardening to serve several purposes as:

  • It is used as a soil alternative for hydroponic organic gardens. As an inert plant growing medium, it serves an excellent purpose since it works as a soil improver to foster good plant growth and sustain the healthy life of a plant.
  • Cocopeat is a good soil improver and therefore used in potting mixes as a soil conditioner for improving the growth and health of a plant. Horticulturalists utilize cocopeat in mixes used to start seeding, for plant bedding, and recommend it for household gardening too.
  • BioActive Cocopeat contains naturally occurring hormones, which promote rooting in plants. This allows the plant roots to spread and in turn, increases the nutrient absorption rate of the plant.
  • Cocopeat has antifungal properties, which resists certain strains of plant diseases including bacterial growth and fungus formation.
  • It has a pH of 5 to 6.8 which means that when added to gardening soil it maintains the pH level of that soil at an optimum level.
  • Cocopeat, as an organic garden soil improver, can be reused several times to last for up to 4 years. Unlike ordinary peat that disintegrates within two years of being used, cocopeat starts to break after 10 years.

Since it is a renewable source and provides all natural nutrients to the plant, BioActive Cocopeat makes a very good soil improver.

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