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Coco Coir as Soil Additive for Healthy Growth of your Plants

BioActive Cocopeat is the by-product of coconut shell husks. The granular substance found between the husk fibres is extracted, cleaned, dried and then pressed into shapes for use as a soil additive. The finished product is available in varying densities … Continue reading

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Soil Conditioner – How to Improve Soil of Your Lawn

Coco coir substrate is widely recognised as the best plant growing medium for everyday gardening as well as hydroponic gardening. It is a completely natural substrate obtained from the husk of coconuts and cleaned and processed to act as an … Continue reading

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Advantages of using Coco coir over Peat Moss

If you want to make your own potting mix using soil and soil conditioner, there are plenty of choices available to you. These choices can be very confusing at first but avid gardeners know that the choice of soil conditioner … Continue reading

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