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The Role of Coco peat in Soil Conditioning

Soil conditioners, also known as soil amendments, are additives meant to improve the soil’s sustenance of plant growth and help in growing healthier plants. Soil conditioning improves on the deficiencies that are present in soil and corrects the structure to … Continue reading

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BioActive Cocopeat – How It Provide Best Plant Growing Media

Traditional soil gardening methods are slowly becoming obsolete as more and more people are turning towards hydroponic gardening as an alternative. Hydroponics is a gardening method where no soil is used to grow the plants. Instead, plants are grown in … Continue reading

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Soil Improver – Use of Coco Peat to Improve Organic Gardening

BioActive Cocopeat serves as an excellent plant growing medium for hydroponic gardening as well as organic gardening.  It is a natural soil improver, which enhances the quality of soil and if necessary, changes soil structure to make it favourable for … Continue reading

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