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How to Choose Best Organic Soil Conditioner

Your vegetable, fruit, and flower gardens can take a lot out of the soil. However, to ensure healthy growth of your plants, you will need to provide your crop with essential nutrition, which can be done by maintaining soil nutrients. … Continue reading

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Benefits of BioActive Cocopeat as a Soil Conditioner

BioActive Cocopeat has found widespread usage as soil substitute for growing organic plants. It has several special characteristics due to which it is favoured over other soil alternatives as a plant growing medium. BioActive Cocopeat is a 100% organic substance, … Continue reading

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How To Improve Garden Soil With Soil Conditioner

Soil is of many types, namely, sandy, clay and silt and each type has its own pros and cons. Having the perfect soil for your garden is extremely essential for the healthy growth of your plants. Perfect garden soil is … Continue reading

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Coco Coir as Soil Additive for Healthy Growth of your Plants

BioActive Cocopeat is the by-product of coconut shell husks. The granular substance found between the husk fibres is extracted, cleaned, dried and then pressed into shapes for use as a soil additive. The finished product is available in varying densities … Continue reading

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