Garden soil preparation vegetables

To get a good vegetable crop, it is important to prepare the soil well so that the crops turn out to be a flourishing and healthy one. A good quality soil eliminates a lot of problems related to growing vegetables and ensures that the crop production is steady. Since ideal loamy soil is difficult to get naturally, garden soil needs to be prepared with the addition of fertilizers and soil conditioners to achieve the right texture needed for vegetable growth.

BioActive Cocopeat

Chemical conditioners, which were very popular at one time, are now being discarded in favour of organic conditioners that give better results and have no residual harmful effects. BioActive Cocopeat is one such organic conditioner that is preferred by gardeners all over the world. Coco peat helps in vegetable garden soil preparation by restructuring the soil, which in helps in achieving the perfect soil texture necessary for a quality crop.

Coco peat is capable of retaining nine times its weight in water, which it uses to humidify the soil. It also releases nitrogen, which breaks up sticky soil structure and makes it crumbly. The released nitrogen is also beneficial to plants as nutrition.

Bioactive Cocopeat is a fibrous material and therefore it bonds with the soil and prevents top soil erosion, thus minimizing nutrient loss through wearing away of the top soil. Moreover, the fibres are rich in hormones and ion nutrients, which are released to the plants. The nutrients feed plant growth whereas the hormones are necessary for the development of strong and long roots.

Adding BioActive Cocopeat during vegetable garden soil preparation provides another advantage in the form of fungi and bacteria repelling qualities. These naturally present disease repellents are very beneficial to plants since they ward off several types of plant diseases.

The ideal ratio of soil and coco peat is 1:2. Once mixed with soil, coco peat lasts for almost 5 years and is a very cost effective solution for vegetable garden soil preparation.

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