How to Improve Your Garden Soil

The outcome of a good garden depends on the kind of soil used for gardening. The ideal garden soil has the perfect crumbly texture to support plant growth, has the right moisture level, is free from diseases and the pH is at the optimum level for plant growth. However, it is not possible to get this kind of soil naturally. The soil is either too sandy or has too much silt or contains too much clay. In order to get the perfect soil to grow a garden, you need to know how to improve your garden soil.

Using coco peat is one of the best solutions when you are looking for an answer to how to improve your garden soil. It improves soil by providing the following benefits:

  • BioActive Cocopeat is a substance, which holds nine times its own weight in water. Along with the water, it can also retain soil nutrients within its fibres. Adding fortified water to garden soil, which has been mixed with coco peat, not only reduces the watering frequency of the garden, but also provides the garden soil with additional nutrients for healthy plant growth.
  • Unsterilized coco peat has some natural hormones present within the fibres. These hormones promote healthy root development and are good for germinating seeds.
  • Coco peat changes the acid balance of the soil to make it favourable for plant growth.
  • Coco peat alters soil structure by aerating the land and makes the soil crumble enough for plants to grow.

If you are looking for another reason for using coco peat in your quest to unlock the answer of how to improve garden soil, remember that it is very cost effective. A single batch of BioActive Cocopeat lasts as a fertilizer for as much as 5 years. Mix it with the soil or spread it over the garden land, and let your plants grow strong and healthy.

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