How to Prepare Vegetable Garden Soil for Less Watering

Amount of watering required for vegetable gardens is often a cause of worry, especially for people in warm regions where water evaporates quickly, or for people residing in places that face water scarcity. If you too are wondering about ways to prepare vegetable garden soil for less watering, here are some tips that can help.

When you want your soil to use less water, you will need to use soil amendments that:

  • help you to retain moisture, which in turn will reduce the need to water your plants frequently
  • can hold onto the top soil, which plants require to fulfil most of their nutrient needs
  • have high water retention/holding capacity
  • allow enhanced root penetration
  • have high air filled porosity

If your soil amendments can offer these additional benefits for your vegetable garden soil, you can not only do with less water, but can also look forward to healthy plants:

  • permits efficient transfer of soil nutrients to roots
  • stores and releases useful nutrients over extended time periods
  • keeps your plants free from pathogens or weed seeds
  • contains beneficial microbes and natural substances for plant growth
  • doesn’t leave hazardous wastes and disposals
  • allows your plants to grow in an odourless, insect-free and weed-free environment
  • is an organic, bio-degradable, and renewable resource

When it comes to matching the parameters required to prepare vegetable garden soil for less watering, and using soil amendments that offer value added services in addition to meeting your needs, noting scores as highly as BioActive Cocopeat. Apart from helping your soil do its work with less water, it also promotes strong root formation, and powerful plant growth. With so much to offer at an affordable price, coupled with its reusability factor, BioActive Cocopeat is surely a wise investment choice when it comes to preparing vegetable garden soil for less watering.

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