Improve Lawn (Soil): Cool-season grasses, plants, vegetables

Lawns are a representation of time and money investments. A well-managed lawn is a matter of pride for the homeowner and as a part of the overall landscape of the house, it increases the value of the property in the aesthetic as well as monetary sense. Lawns should be well treated and it is important to make sure that your grasses, vegetables and plants are getting the consideration that they deserve.

Cool season lawn grasses, plants and vegetables grow best at temperatures of 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Any hotter than that, the plants will shrivel and may also die. These cool season grasses, vegetables and plants do well during spring and fall. However, keeping them healthy during summer months is a huge challenge for the gardener. The temperature of the soil must be kept down to maintain the lawn growth and at the same time, the soil should be well conditioned so that the plants keep getting their nutrition.

One way of maintaining a lawn planted with cool season plants and grasses is to add coco peat to the soil. BioActive Cocopeat is a great soil conditioner and can also help in maintaining the temperature of the lawn soil at an ideal level.

Benefits of using coco peat on cool season lawns:

  • Coco peat has extraordinary water retention capabilities. The water is trapped within the coco peat fibres. This water is released to the soil or plant as and when necessary. Using coco peat on lawn soil will keep it cool because of the high water content and also provide a means of irrigation.
  • BioActive Cocopeat has natural root growing hormones and soil aerating properties, which benefit the plants and grasses. The soil is loosened up by infusing air and the hormones in coco peat make the roots grow strong so that they can penetrate deeper through the soil.
  • Coco peat keeps away several plant diseases related to bacteria and fungi, thus promoting plant health.

Use coco peat to maintain your lawn and let cool season lawns thrive even during the hot months.

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