Improving lawn soil: How to Improve Lawn Clay Soil

Garden soils are of several types; sandy, loamy and clayey. While every type of soil has its pros and cons, not all of them support the growth of a lush and thick lawn. In order to grow the perfect lawn, your soil should hold enough water to provide adequate irrigation to the grass. At the same time, it should be loose enough so that the roots can reach down and go deep into the ground to draw the necessary nutrition.

Improve Lown

It is not possible that every garden will have the perfect soil for growing a good lawn. However, there are means of improving lawn soil by correcting or amending it with the usage of additives to make the soil more conducive to grass growth. Clayey soil can be corrected with the addition of coco peat, which would aid in growing good quality and dense lawn grass.

Clayey soils retain a lot of water, but the soil particles are tightly packed, which prevent roots from digging too deep into the soil. In order to amend clay, the soil structure needs to be broken up and air or oxygen infused into it to make it easy for roots to penetrate through it. To get best results from clay soils, it is necessary to increase its porosity and the drainage capability of the soil. Also, the pH of clay soil tends to be alkaline, which makes it difficult for plants to absorb iron from the soil. If you live in an area with high amounts of clay, improving lawn soil becomes a necessity.

Using BioActive Cocopeat for improving lawn soil, which is clayey, is an effective option since it is an extremely fibrous substance and helps in improving the water retaining qualities of the soil. The pH of coco peat is acidic, which combats the alkaline nature of clay soil and makes iron readily available to plants. Coco peat has good aeration qualities, which breaks up the soil crust and loosens it, thus improving lawn soil.

Once the job of improving lawn soil and reducing clay is done, you will be able to enjoy a thick green lawn.

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