Lawn Fertilizer Maintenance Tips Before Summer

Everyone wants to have a lush green lawn for their yard. Whether it’s for a barbecue or simply to walk around barefoot, a nice green lawn is every homeowner’s dream. However, caring for a lawn during summer can be difficult. But you can make your job easier by following a few simple tips.

  • Reset your lawn mower to a low level meant for summer grass to get an even cut.
  • Use weed repellent to remove dandelions, crabgrass and other weeds from the lawn.
  • Use lawn fertilizer to ensure a good and dense grass growth.
  • Water the lawn frequently so that the grass does not dry out.
  • Adjust the pH level of the soil so that it supports grass growth.

Following these methods will ensure that your lawn stays green throughout summer. However, there is an easier way to take care of your lawn maintenance needs. Using coco peat as a lawn fertilizer makes your job of caring for your lawn during summer much easier.

Coco peat is a natural lawn fertilizer, which has high water retention qualities and has natural hormones that promote root development. Because it can hold a lot of water, the lawn does not need to be watered every day. BioActive Cocopeat is hydrophilic and absorbs water without chemical aid. It releases the water along with nutrients to the lawn grass as and when needed. BioActive Cocopeat is naturally disease repellent and also prevents weeds from growing on the lawn. It also keeps away snails and other harmful insects.

BioActive Cocopeat is slightly acidic and adjusts the pH level of the soil to an optimum level for most plants to grow. Cocopeat is 100% biodegradable and lasts for up to 5 years before it stops working and breaks down.

If you do not have enough time to spend on your lawn maintenance, using coco peat as a lawn fertilizer is the best choice for you.

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