Simple Ways & Tips to Improve Your Garden Soil

The outcome of gardening depends a lot on the kind of soil used as a growing medium. The best kind of soil is one which is well drained, deep, has good organic content and is friable. Having good garden soil provides the base for proper seed germination and leads to better crops. Having saline soil or soil which cannot hold adequate amount of water is not good for cultivating a garden.

In order to improve your garden soil, you need to make sure that the soil has the required amount of micronutrients and macronutrients that sustain plant life. Having fertile soil eliminates several problems related to gardening and needs minimum tending in order to keep the plants in good health.

If your garden does not have fertile soil, it can be amended by using soil conditioners. The best type of soil conditioner to improve your garden soil is BioActive Cocopeat. Cocopeat or coir pith is made from the coconut husks and is a fully organic product, which causes no harm to the plants or any food products grown in the garden. Using coir pith to improve your garden soil will provide vitality to plants and promote uniform plant growth.

BioActive Cocopeat has plenty of high grade nutrients that maintain soil health and retains moisture of the soil. Cocopeat can hold a lot of water and suspend nutrients as ions in that water. Therefore, using it to improve your garden soil means that gardening requires less effort in terms of watering and fertilization.

Cocopeat is usually added to garden soil in a 1:2 ratio for best plant growth. Even 10% of coir pith used to improve your garden soil is enough to enhance the growth of plants and produce better crops.

Informed use of BioActive Cocopeat to improve your garden soil helps in keeping the soil and plants healthy in a natural way and helps you in building a beautiful garden.

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