Things to Do For Preparing Winter Vegetable Garden

In order to get a winter vegetable garden ready, the first thing that any gardener needs to do is to clean up the garden before winter sets in. Once the soil is well prepared, a good winter crop is easy to grow. The type of soil used to garden matters a lot in determining the crop outcome.

vegetable garden

Soil is made up of clay, silt and sand and in order to prepare your garden well, you need to determine what kind of soil you have. Dig through the garden and examine the soil closely. Sandy soil has large particles while clay particles are the smallest of all. Try and squeeze a fistful of your garden soil into a ball; if it does not stick, your soil is too sandy. Silt soil will stick well together and break apart too. In case your ball of soil does not break apart easily, it has too much of clay. To get idea soil consistency, you will need to amend your soil.

The best method of amending soil for a winter vegetable garden is to add organic soil conditioner to it. BioActive Cocopeat is regarded by gardeners as the best organic soil conditioner available. Coco peat is mixed with soil in order to condition it for better plant growth. BioActive Cocopeat is capable of holding a large amount of water for a long time. The water, fortified with several mineral nutrients, is released to the soil as and when necessary to make the soil better for plant growth. Also, adding coco peat aerates the soil, thus giving it the perfect texture for cultivating a good winter vegetable garden. It also balances the pH of the land and corrects the nitrogen level of the soil. In very cold climate, it becomes necessary to add an additional layer of mulch to prevent the winter vegetable garden from freezing.

Following these few simple steps will ensure that you are able to grow a good crop in your winter vegetable garden.

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